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Propeller is not recognized ? — Parallax Forums

Propeller is not recognized ?

msiriwardenamsiriwardena Posts: 301
edited 2022-11-06 21:54 in Propeller 1

I have a propeller WX activity board and XBee S2C unit is plugged inti XBee socket and is powered with 9V DC.
When I try to run discover hardware via propeller tool, NO propeller chip is detected.
But when I remove the XBee the Prop tool detects the prop chip.
There is no other hardware is attached to the activity board WX.
I need some help to remedy this issue. I read somewhere a solution - RTS/CTS reset ?.
but I am unable to find it.

Thank you,



  • Maybe the Xbee is plugged in the wrong way. Or something is shorted and dragging power supply down.

  • Check the WX board docs. With the XBee plugged in, the board might be expecting uploads to occur from a WX module. But there's a jumper selection available to override this automatic redirection.


  • @DigtalBob - the XBee is plugged in correctly - the association and Wx led are both lit.
    Thanks for your reply.

    @"Phil Pilgrim"
    Thank you for reply I will check the activity boards documentation.


  • @"Phil Pilgrim"

    your correct the answer the issue was there in the activity wx board.
    " connect the SEL socket to ground."

    Thank you once again.


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