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RAK811 communication

I'm currently playing with a RAK811 LoRa node chip. Default Baudrate is 115200, 8 data bits, one stop bit
and no parity.
The device seems to work pretty good after an upgrade, using a Windows terminal.

So then I tried to test with P1and Full Duplex Serial, but with no luck.
I guess I don't really know what I'm doing here but I wonder if P1 and FDS is good enough for communication with this chip, are there any modifications required on the FDS, or should I go for a lower baudrate?


  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,314

    The P1 has no problems with 115200 using FDS. Is it a logic level problem with the device? Have you tried creating a simple serial bridge so that you can insert the Propeller between a terminal (e.g., PST) and the radio? I've done this several times to suss out coms issues with new devices.

  • Thank you for your respond, JonnyMac.

    No, I don't think there are any logic level issues, the RAK811's recommended VCC should be 3,3V. I have done some successfully testings of the device using the RAK serial port tool, connected to the device through the P30 and P31 on a Parallax Professional proto board, without a Propeller, just because I have no other USB to UART adapter at the moment.
    Also tried PST the same way but could only receive. I think that probably is a input problem, the device wait for an "\r\n" at the end of each AT-command, (\Cr\Lf) -and I guess I corrupt the command when I push Enter. I get ERROR-1 in return, meaning the RAK does not understand.

    I ordered a new USB to serial adapter and will continue to test, also with Propeller in between, when I get it.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,314

    I've written simple bridge apps that take input through PST from the user and on detecting CR, sends the string plus any necessary ending characters to the device. I had a Bluetooth radio with a really short time-out and there was no way to enter commands directly from the keyboard.

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