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Quit or Abort in Taqoz? — Parallax Forums

Quit or Abort in Taqoz?

has anyone discovered something like "quit" or "abort" in Taqoz 2.8?
I need a possibility to cancel a command.
Thanks a lot!


  • I did not.
    I'm, sadly, still in an early infancy stage, Taqoz wise but I'd like to understand what effect that command would invoke.
    What effect are you after ?

    Would it mean it :
    a. just prevents the given command from further execution regardless of the current state (I gues not as it would leave the system in an unknown state)
    b. is an "a" from above plus reverts to the state prior to the cancellation (immediately preceeding issuing a cancel command)
    c. aborts the prior command and clears the stacks (but does nothing more)

    My guess would be a "b" but that would mean the prior command action effects must be preserved and that in turn would mean any command effect must be preserved (just the last one must be saved ) because the cancel command might come at any time (from the user input), right ?

  • Hi Maciek,

    QUIT -- 79 Clears the return stack, sets interpret state, accepts new input from the current input device, and begins text interpretation. No message is displayed.

    Of course you might have to do additional things to get your "system" - whatever it is- into a certain state.
    At the moment my workaround is to set a flag, which can be checked by the words.

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