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Magnet Farm

Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,069
edited 2022-10-22 21:50 in Customer Projects

I was laughing at some of the videos of how people claim they harnessed free energy USING A MAGNET.
And so I started to think.... How could I harvest the energy out of a magnet, with no moving parts.
Since a magnet through a copper coil produces flow, what if you 'move' the electronics along the magnet instead?
I put a pic in there because I don't have my custom prop part handy.
This circuit is just a super rough concept...


  • Ya totally lost me here. Whatcha up to, @"Clock Loop" ?

  • A generator moves coils relative to a magnetic field or a magnetic field relative to coils. In every case, mechanic power has to be applied to generate electric energy. So no harvest but conversion.

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