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down loading spin files from github — Parallax Forums

down loading spin files from github

need help to down load spin files from the repository.

I tried for a while but no luck.



  • @msiriwardena said:
    need help to down load spin files from the repository.

    I tried for a while but no luck.


    I found one of the simplest ways (without using Git software), is to download everything from the github parent location for the Propeller in a zip file.

    Go here using your browser.
    You should see a green code button, select that button and pick "Download Zip" from the pull-down menu.
    Unpack the zip file and should be able to navigate down to the P1 or P2 repository that contains all the files.

  • I think this query is emblematic of the dire need for Parallax to embrace a code repository that's easier for novices -- and even me -- to use than Git. Git is a barrier to to access, not an entrée. Why Parallax has continued to espouse Git for so long truly escapes me. Bring back the Obex!


  • ElectrodudeElectrodude Posts: 1,584
    edited 2022-10-21 04:18

    Both posting and downloading objects would be significantly easier for non-Git people if Parallax put every object in its own repository. But Parallax would then need to maintain an index or database of repositories, since GitHub doesn't allow for this level of organization at the repository level.

  • @"Francis Bauer"

    Thank you for your help.

    @"Phil Pilgrim"
    I used and tried objects from the parallax obex now rarely do so.
    I second the idea of briging back Obex.
    Git hub is a pain for non-Git people.

  • I took the Zip download route myself, although the secondary folders are useless unless I move the proper files from the root "All" to them. I'm trying to get code for hardware I have, separated first into my current file structure. I do this because it was taking too much online time to get it done.
    Git seems more aligned to single project collaborations, not user repository except as second reason use.
    I miss the updated cd/dvd? that came with my purchase way back when. I still have the oldest and it is now archived on a Parallax branded USB flash. I need to keep it around since a lot of the info for my oldest hardware is obsoleted/gone.
    I recently mentioned this to Ken and how I would purchase a drive with all the data sheets and relevant software. It would also be an easy yearly, (Or ....), update/addendum to download to.
    Getting off my box now, cheers everyone.

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