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Does FlexProp support C++? — Parallax Forums

Does FlexProp support C++?

Does FlexProp support C++?
I'm not in favor of C++ myself, but as I understand it, TensorFlow Lite for microcontrollers is using C++. See
Now I'm using Arduino-devices for Machine Learning projects, but I'd love to be able to use P2 for it.


  • Does FlexProp support C++?

    Kinda a little bit but not really. Looked at the code for 5 seconds, not gonna happen. Though the P2 LLVM port might be worth trying.

  • FlexProp supports a few C++ extensions to C, enough for some mild Arduino programs, but nowhere near all of C++11. So no, the tensorflow code isn't going to work on FlexProp.

    As Ada mentioned there is a P2 LLVM project which should support C++. There's also the risc-v p2 compiler, which turns the RISC-V GCC compiler into a P2 compiler.

  • Ok, would be interested to check out the LLVM project, but I don't have the bandwidth or knowledge. As IoT and tinyML is quite hot now, I believe a P2 board, equipped with some Click or other sensors, would be a good fit.

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