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HELP WITH PCB FOR CRANES - Page 3 — Parallax Forums




  • With the BS2 module removed from the board you can use a jumper from Vdd and connect to P7 or P8 and see if the relays click on. Thats on header connector X2.

  • or X1

  • Ok soooooooo, I jumped from VDD to P7 and P8 with both of my emitters grounded to VSS and the relays kicked on and sent the cranes in the direction needed. So, I'm assuming my board is good and that it's my BS2 module?

  • Yes, sounds like it works. Now install the BS2 module if you took it out and run the program, reload it. Activate the buttons and see if it works. If it doesn't work check your pins, use a DC voltmeter. attach the black probe to Vss and the red probe to P7 or P8, activate the buttons and see if you get 5 VDC.

  • WE DID IT!!!! I found an extra brand new BS2 module laying around. Ran the program and I have one working crane now. I now have about 7 no good BS2 modules. Thank you so much for all the help. I learned a lot and more important the cranes are working!

  • Ok good, can I get any discounts on museum ticket if I'm ever in that area. Doesn't hurt to ask

  • For you, I would give a private tour lol. If you are ever in the Tampa area let me know! Thanks again so much!

  • Wow, Thanks, I'll bring the grandkids.

  • You might want to send those 7 bad stamp modules back to parallax for repair.

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