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Parallax WX Wi-Fi Module 8266 for the BS2 — Parallax Forums

Parallax WX Wi-Fi Module 8266 for the BS2

Hi, i can control the 8 outputs on this module when connected to my home wi-fi router via an html page on my iPhone, (when in Sta and Sta/AP mode). By the way I'm using a Basic stamp module. When I switch to AP mode and turn home router off I can't control the module. I have tried for hours (various IP addresses) to connect/control when in Access point mode with no success.
What am I doing wrong?
Please if you can keep the answer simple as I don't have much experience with these.
I'm hoping to control robotic projects away from my home (ie no wi-fi)
The Parallax documentation doesn't mention how to switch to and get Ap mode working.


  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,286

    Let's review,

    When it was connected to your home network the WX module would flash slowly a blue LED indicating it was connected to your home network.

    You would bring a web page that you build using the IP address the unit was assigned by your home network.

    The module had a name such as this: Module Name: wx-de073e on the config page of the unit.

    You went to the Network page and switch the module to AP mode from STA mode.

    Now the WX module has a solid blue LED instead of the flashing one.

    The next thing you need to do is connect to the WX module as it is now in AP mode or Access Point mode.

    Using your phone you need to connect to it under WiFi setting. It should be broad casting as before with a WX something name.

    The WX module will assign you an IP address just like your home network does.

    The WX module should be at address which you can now access with your phone:

    For me the WX web page does not work in portrait mode and I have to turn my phone sideways to see the option menu.

    Go to the network setting menu it will show AP mode and you can switch it back to STA+AP mode.

    This will cause the WX module blue LED to start flashing slowly and you can again connect to your home network.

    To control the robot you would use the above IP address with the web pages that you built.


  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help.
    I'm getting there slowly. Good tip to turn the phone to portrait, I never thought of that :)

    I now have steady blue light and in AP mode on my phone.
    But as you can see in the screen shot the Static Ip is is this normal. The Soft AP is

    I sent my html file to my phone and then uploaded it using the Files menu.
    But I am now confused what to do next.
    If (still in AP mode) I use it replies file not found. I still don't want to be online as I wish it to be stand alone with no home wifi access.

    Could you please expand on your instructions / help again?


  • Hi Mike,

    Quick update, I did eventually get it to work without the home router on :) .....but on switching the ESP8266 off and on again later it became unresponsive. It wont show up on the wifi available networks now. Must be u/s, very annoying I'll buy another and contact you soon.

    Thanks again

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