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Wi-Fi program loader?

I'll be receiving a couple Activity Board WXs tomorrow, along with the Wi-Fi modules. I've read a lot of blurbs about loading programs via Wi-Fi, but I haven't seen any PC software that can do that. Is this a feature of the most current Propeller Tool, or is there a separate loader that I need to download? Or ... is there a TCP driver that emulates a serial port?

Enquiring minds want to know. TM



  • It's all in the secret sauce of the WiFi modules firmware.

    The WiFi module is listening for a UDP packet to be broadcasted and then responses with it's information that can then be used to create a TCP connection to the board.

    SimpleIDE can load program that way and I have a program that can load programs over WiFi to the P2 that way.

    Works great for application that you don't want tethered.


  • BlocklyProp Solo is another option that natively supports WiFi loading.

    When detected in the local subnet, WiFi modules get added to the com-port dropdown in both BlocklyProp and SimpleIDE.

    I think with the command line loaders (prop-loader / etc..), you can either autodetect or specify the IP address too; handy should the module be on another subnet.

  • Neither SimpleIDE nor Blockly help me since I'm programming in Spin for the P1. Nor does PropLoader unless I can find a pre-compiled .exe.

    Thanks anyway,

  • dgatelydgately Posts: 1,619
    edited 2022-10-06 14:48

    @"Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)" said:
    ... Nor does PropLoader unless I can find a pre-compiled .exe.

    You can get a pre-compiled version of proploader.exe by downloading Flexprop from:
    You'll find proploader.exe in flexprop's bin directory. And, yes works with P1 or P2!

    proploader.exe usage:

    PropLoader (totalspectrum branch) v1.9-14 (2022-10-05 11:39:35 g64d6321)
    usage: ./proploader [options] [<file>]
        -b <type>       select target board and subtype (default is 'default:default')
        -c              display numeric message codes
        -D var=value    define a board configuration variable
        -e              program eeprom (and halt, unless combined with -r)
        -f <file>       write a file to the SD card
        -i <ip-addr>    IP address of the Parallax Wi-Fi module
        -I <path>       add a directory to the include path
        -k              prompt before exiting due to an error
        -p <port>       serial port
        -P              show all serial ports
        -q              during terminal display check for exit status from Propeller
        -Q              quiet mode, fewer messages
        -r              run program after downloading (useful with -e)
        -R              reset the Propeller
        -s              do a serial download
        -t              enter terminal mode after the load is complete
        -T              enter pst-compatible terminal mode after the load is complete
        -v              enable verbose debugging output
        -W              show all discovered wifi modules
        -xDEBUG         enter DEBUG monitor (P2 only)
        -xTAQOZ         enter TAQOZ (P2 only)
        -2              assume Prop2 (same as chipver=P2)
        -9 <dir>        start plan 9 file system with root at <dir>
        -?              display a usage message and exit
    file:               binary file to load (.elf or .binary)
    Target board type can be either a single identifier like 'propboe' in which case the subtype
    defaults to 'default' or it can be of the form <type>:<subtype> like 'c3:ram'.
    Variables that can be set with -D are:
    Used by the loader:
      loader reset clkfreq clkmode fast-loader-clkfreq fast-loader-clkmode
      baud-rate loader-baud-rate fast-loader-baud-rate chipver
    Used by the SD file writer:
      sdspi-do sdspi-clk sdspi-di sdspi-cs
      sdspi-clr sdspi-inc sdspi-start sdspi-width spdspi-addr
      sdspi-config1 sdspi-config2
    Value expressions for -D can include:
      rcfast rcslow xinput xtal1 xtal2 xtal3 pll1x pll2x pll4x pll8x pll16x k m mhz true false
      an integer or two operands with a binary operator + - * / % & | or unary + or -
      or a parenthesized expression.
      loader=rom  to use the ROM loader instead of the fast loader
  • @"Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)" said:
    Neither SimpleIDE nor Blockly help me since I'm programming in Spin for the P1. Nor does PropLoader unless I can find a pre-compiled .exe.

    As Dennis mentioned, a pre-complied proploader comes with FlexProp. For that matter you can use the FlexProp GUI to download binaries via WiFi, and the flexspin compiler can compile binaries for P1 -- either as P1 LMM (fast but big) or P1 bytecode (slower but small). The bytecode support is marked experimental because there are still some missing features that C or BASIC might need, but for Spin programs it should work fine. Ada did a very nice job of creating the P1 bytecode backend.

    (Or, you can compile with openspin, bstc, or some other compiler, and just use the GUI for downloading the final binaries).

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