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SimpleGFX, when and how to use? — Parallax Forums

SimpleGFX, when and how to use?

I have one of these TFT displays with a standard ILI9341 chip bought off of adafruit site. I bought it for a Pi project that I have since finished. Really it was not so much a project as it was very little to do with coding and just a bunch of decision making on IoT options to use, lots of resources out there. Any who, I am on a new quest using this display and had a few P1's laying around. so, I am posting this question to the community, strictly on the C/C++ platform, this is the platform of choice for many reasons.

In this Discussion I would like to talk about the simple lib simplegfx, Has anybody used this successfully?
it seems to me as though it is a great easy lib for these kinds of chips and would warrant a few tutorials at least. but at last, I can find little info on this rendition of adafruits GFX lib. Truth be told I can't find much of anything on a lot of simple lib, although some are well written and documented so they don't require more.

I am starting this discussion because in using the library in question, I noticed a lack of an initialization to start this helper library, even though it calls for it almost everywhere it requires the dev address to be passed. I'm just going to let this thread run with that contemplation, my bets are that 1): few people that care about sharing info actually took on this library, 2): Even fewer people use a display like this in their projects, 3): More people cruise on the SPIN/PASM boat then C/C++ on these parallax forums, 4): The talent probably assumes most should know how to apply this to their projects intuitively.

The third is really the reason I am going to drop this here.



  • Right you are, very few people use C/C++ for their development efforts on the P1/P2 front.

    I saw that library which seems to be an off shoot to the Adafruit GFX library.

    I didn't use it since I wrote most of my libraries for my displays before it was available and didn't see a need to change my code.

    I have several display drivers, but I don't know if I have one for that unit.

    I find most of the Simple Libraries well documented and the often refer to the help pages on just how to use them.


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