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filesystem/DB potential for P2 - Contiki's Cofee/Antelope ? — Parallax Forums

filesystem/DB potential for P2 - Contiki's Cofee/Antelope ?

I heard folks talking about implementing filesystems for P2 on a recent youtube. These links might be of interest for porting, or gleaning interesting details and concepts as implemented by an active low-resource IoT microcontroller-centric distributed system : Contiki

Coffee :

Coffee is a minimalistic, yet fully functional file system that operates with the peculiar characteristics of flash memories and EEPROM written in C.

Antelope :

Antelope is a lightweight, relational database management system for resource-constrained IoT devices. It has been designed to run on top of a file system such as Coffee.

The Coffee file system, in particular, has been structured to port to many microcontrollers, and has specific documentation (end of that link) on porting.

In any case, I'm going to take a stab at porting those two, see where I can get. I welcome anyone to chime in on the overall efforts on this front, and what anyone thinks of this porting effort.


  • There's also littlefs. That was the first thing that came to my mind when @cgracey mentioned he was working on a filesystem for the P2, until he mentioned it was something they were writing from scratch.
    No idea what the pros and cons are of each... haven't really delved into any of them. Seems like a good idea to support as many more widely known things like this as possible though. One less reason for an outsider to pass by.


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