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What are the UDP Port#'s for the Red-i BS Web Server?? — Parallax Forums

What are the UDP Port#'s for the Red-i BS Web Server??

I have an old Red-i Basic Stamp Web server from Red Point Controls, 2004 time frame. Yup it's an oldie but it works. I can send UDP packets out and discovered it sends on port #3038 but the input port number is much harder to figure out. Documentation says nothing about UDP port numbers. Maybe someone here wrote code what would have the input Port#? Search term: "!RI0RBM" which stands for read UDP message register ("!RI0WBM" stand for write) allowed me to find some old code I had, but I was only sending out.

Thank You!
Tim C


  • Tracy AllenTracy Allen Posts: 6,644
    edited 2022-09-19 02:06

    I wonder if that Red-i is basically the same as the Parallax PINK (Parallax Internet Netburner Kit, #30013)? PINK was a version of Netburner that Parallax adapted for the BASIC Stamp. You can find the PINK 1v1 2005 manual here:
    and search for version 2.1(2008) using "30013-pinkdocs-v2.1".
    I see that the Red-i and PINK commands are eerily similar,
    "!RI0RBM" and "!RI0WBM" vs "!NB0RBM" and "!NB0WBM".
    The manual explains how to set up either static or DHCP network connections, but it too doesn't talk about UDP port numbers. I'd guess that you could choose almost any port number, and a router would forward a UDP packet that arrived there, so long as it has the correct endpoint address.

  • Tracy,
    Thank you for replying. You are right. The Pink is modeled after the Red-i. I actually used a Pink to send test UDP packets to the Red-i to see if I could find the open port. The Pink has a great feature to change the UDP port to what you want, the Red-i does not.

    FOR UDPport = 100 TO 7000 ' Pink code to Loop for a range of ports
    SEROUT TX, Baud, ["!NB0WBP:", DEC UDPport, CLS] ' update port
    SEROUT TX, Baud, ["!NB0WBM:Tim:", DEC UDPport, CLS] ' update message
    SEROUT TX, Baud, ["!NB0SB"] ' Send UDP Command
    IF (UDPport // 100) = 0 THEN DEBUG DEC UDPport, ","
    PAUSE 200 ' slow down just enough so debug prints at the same speed as the UDP is sent
    DEBUG "Fini Pink UDP Loop!",CR

    The code on the other end is just reading the status byte to see if the UDP receive flag gets set. I really thought I was going to find the open port on the Red-i. Maybe the Red-i at the other end can't handle the stress. It seems so strange a key fact of a product is missing. (Or broken?)

    Not sure where to look next. I came here thinking someone might have some old code that would show the Port#. I checked the Wayback Machine to see if the manufacturer had anything. :disappointed: Also I am looking at the Firmware Version 1.14 (NOV 2003) but there is No readable text and no de-compiler to extract word variables like 3038. The old Parallax forums from all of 2003-2004 would be very useful.

  • I noticed this 2007 post from Chris Savage:
    He talks about the version 1.1 firmware update. The PINK and by inference the Red-i were works in progress. I don't find a similar thread about changes in version 2.1 firmware.

  • Thank you Tracy!
    I missed that post and I agree they both were a work in progress. Pink is already up to v1.47 and has support now for TLS security when sending email. The Red-i had a lot of firmware updates as well. The last one I could find was v1.14. All Redpoint Controls updates were within year 2003. Redpoint Controls Web site went cold with no real changes in 2004 after looking at the Wayback Machine.

    Yesterday I took a big risk and re-flashed v1.14. As you can tell I really wanted to throw it out but it Still works! Read through two networking books and ran Wire Shark to look at the output of the Read-i. The Source UDP port on the Red-i is 3022 which should be it's receive UDP Port according to convention. NO luck again. :disappointed: but I learned a lot. I would really like to know if anyone got this to work. Surely Parallax did test it when they sold it with the documentation.

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