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Read the data using Smart Pin

Hello @JonnyMac and @evanh , Can you please help me to know how to define propeller 2 any pins as smart pin and how to read the data using smart pins. I need one simple example to know this mechanism.


  • evanhevanh Posts: 15,395

    Looking at Eric's manual on Flex Basic I see PINSTART for configuring a smartpin and RDPIN for reading a smartpin's Z register. And of course there is also WRPIN/WXPIN/WYPIN for component writing to a smartpin.

    The mechanism is the same as with Spin or C. Eg: (My Basic is rusty so excuse any syntax errors)

    pinstart 25, P_QUADRATURE | P_PLUS1_B, 0, 0   'Encoder inputs on P25 and P26
    while 1
            print "counter = ";_rdpin(25);"  ";chr$(13)    'display the encoder count
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