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How to add a downloaded library to my library folder SimpleIDE — Parallax Forums

How to add a downloaded library to my library folder SimpleIDE

I know this is a stupid one but I'm new to this.
I already download a library that supposed to help me communicating with an MCP3002, I add the folder that contains the following files: mcp3000.h mcp3000.c and the SimpleIDE file mcp3000.side (which looks to me as an example that can be modified to suit your application) to my libraries when I tried to include the library on the application its says is not found.

What I'm doing wrong? is there a process to add this library? I'm use to the arduino platform that add the library automatically when it is downloaded.



  • I'm not a big user of SimpleIDE either, but I'll try to help....

    Within SimpleIDE, click Tools / Properties. That has a Library Folder setting under both the GCC and Spin tabs.

    The default for GCC on my computer is : Documents/SimpleIDE/Learn/Simple Libraries/

    There's a bunch of driver folders in there. I guess you could add your own folders to the list, but be careful when re-downloading (updating) the workspace, in case anything you add there is overwritten/removed.

    Another thing you may not have noticed with the IDE, if you click the 2 little icons near the bottom left (1 is a hammer, the other a spreadsheet), they will open additional tabs.
    The Build Status tab is fairly handy to diagnose errors, and also see which folders are included during compile.

    After compiling your code, you'd see something like:

    propeller-elf-gcc.exe -v GCC 4.6.1 (propellergcc_v1_0_0_2408)
    propeller-elf-gcc.exe -I . -L . -I

  • Another thing, once you've clicked that spreadsheet icon to open up the Project Manager, then right-click on the Project Manager window area, and you'll see some add library and include options.

    I think once you done that, the settings get saved in the .side file, which is a text file that contains the project settings, if I remember well. ie. you should be able to edit the .side file with a basic notepad program, or at least see what's going on.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,238

    Google is not your friend, but can still be useful. I entered "add library to simplleide" into the search bar and one of the results pointed to this document


    Page 22

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