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DMX recorder to SD card

Are thee any projects that will receive the DMX values and save the values to a SD card. I have code running on a demo board that Rx DMX and displays the values on a TV 13 bytes across and 12 rows down. That code was done using Objs. I bought a Propeller board WX. It has a SD card slot on it, I would like to receive the DMX values and then save the values to the SD card. I need to do this so I can import the values into a PC DMX control program I am writing. I have not used a propeller chip in Many many years and I forgot most of everything I knew about the propeller. So I am hoping I can find some code to get me started. My PC DMX control program samples position of a Joystick, Game pad, sliders, switches, and other inputs and it sends out all 512 channels. But I do not have a good visual way to see the audio wave and set values. There are already many programs that are good at that and send out the DMX values like Xlights, Vixen, QLC and others. I plan to use them as a front end. I have function that will import Voice tracks form Papagayo, and Xlights. I started to write an Import function to import a single track of on and off value from Xlights. But then I started thinking it would be much better if just I recorded the DMX value. Then any lighting program or even the output from DMX lighting control console could be used. My program sample just 10 channels to record at a time, every 50ms (20 times a second) so I would just need the propeller to sample at that rate, and record the values to the SD card, either the full 512 values or be able to select which channel are saved I guess that could be done with the DMX receive part, Start channel and # of channels. Then it would be easy to to plug the SD card into the computer and import the DMX values in to my program. Thanks for any help.

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