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Emic 2 support for custom SAPI voice — Parallax Forums

Emic 2 support for custom SAPI voice

Does the Emic 2 have support for loading a custom voice in either SAPI or in any other format? If so, can you provide a pointer to how one would load a custom voice.


  • Francis BauerFrancis Bauer Posts: 353
    edited 2022-08-21 23:50

    Emic2 was designed by Joe Grand, all of the documentation regarding this module can be found here: .

    It appears that there is the ability while in the DECtalk parser mode (using :dv design voice) to change a lot of a voice characteristics, there are some examples in the Parallax Text-To-Speech PDF.

    The DECtalk documentation references SAPI, but doesn't go into specifics about SAPI.

    I don't find or know of any "loading" of custom voices into Emic2, there only seems to be the ability for you to create your own text sequences containing the ":dv" command with with DECtalk parameters to change voice characteristics.

    On Joe's site it is possible to contact him and perhaps he could elaborate/help you with your question concerning loading.

    -- Francis

  • I just saw Joe last weekend in the Hardware Hacking Village at DEF CON, so I know he's alive and well.

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