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Another dumb Spin question?



  • My next magic trick is to add the PWM system for motor control.
    Jonny Mac's jm_dual_motor_ez has a really cool approach to using the timers for PWM timing.
    It was written for a different H-Bridge chip and the control signals are different.
    That shouldn't be a problem.

    I was kind of dreading this part of the project because I assumed high speed signals like that
    would have to be written in assembly, and I've not been able to wrap my mind around PASM.
    But JM's PWN code is pure gold!
    Thanks, Jon!
    And in reading that code I came to see a different approach to driving the bot.
    Just use the fwd/rev signals to shift gears and "drive" with differential PWM.
    That looks a lot simpler than what I had in mind.

  • cavelamb,

    Forum search is USELESS!

    I have a JonnyMac SIRCS_RX Demo from July 2020, but I can't find the forum post it came from.

    I found this copy of the Object, but Jon may have updated it.

  • This is the latest version of P1 jm_sircs_rx that I have on my system. I have used it in many projects without troubles, and adapted it for a commercial laser tag product. It's really simple. If you run into problems, let me know.

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