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32bpp hdmi driver for EC32 — Parallax Forums

32bpp hdmi driver for EC32

pik33pik33 Posts: 1,735
edited 2022-08-01 21:01 in Propeller 2

This is true color driver for EC32
It has a simple displaylist, so things like fast animation and double buffering are possible
It has also 16 HUB RAM based sprites, which are (have to be...) 32 bpp too. The maximum sprite width is now 128 px instead of 512 for 8-bit driver.
The resolution is 1024x576 at 50 Hz and 336 MHz clock

To run the attached demo, you need

  • a P2-EC32MB
  • a HDMI at pin 0 (editable in .bas file)
  • a SD card

Place screen.raw in the main directory of the SD, compile the demo with a new Flexprop. Or run the binary.

As I did this as update to the existing 8-bit driver, the code is near ready: I have yet to test if the DL command "Display from PSRAM list" works at 32bpp and make the code clean.


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