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Key Fob Remote (#700-10016) - no "high" signal — Parallax Forums

Key Fob Remote (#700-10016) - no "high" signal

Hello everyone

I have a question about the Key Fob Remote (#700-10016), which i bought recently.

I connected the PCB to a breadboard where i connected VCC and GND exactly how its showed on the second page in the user manual.
When i press the button on the Remote and hold it, the LED on the PCB is blinking. So for me that indicates everything is working, right?

The problem I'm getting is, that on neither of the D* pins or the VT pin I measure a logic "high" when the corresponding button is pressed. With my oscilloscope I'm measuring logic "low" the whole time. Soldered to my PIC12F675 I also wont get any signal.

I tried to connect Pull-down resistors to all the D* Pins and VT, but still nothing.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue or am I doing something wrong? Maybe even got a faulty device?

I'd be very thankful for any advice.


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