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I'M Back: I have a small problem with my PWM in the output of my processor. The speed doesn't change if I make changes in The one's digit but only in the ten's digit ,ie..70,80,90. I have to unpack my oscilloscope tomorrow as I am leaving Thailand in 6 days and can't come back for two years. If I can get someone to look at the program let me know if something is wrong.

                                                                                                                 Thanks a lot.   Brien


  • It will be easier for people to look at your code if you attach an archive of the project. With an archive we don't have to track down all the objects you're using.
    To archive a project, first compile your program. Once the program has been compiled, select File\Archive "P1:telescope mount dh12"\Project...
    This will create a zip archive you can then attach to a forum post.

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