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COGSPIN: What are the limitations? — Parallax Forums

COGSPIN: What are the limitations?

What are the limitations with COGSPIN? I assume all variables in hubRAM are accessible, and that makes sense to me. How about objects that were instantiated in the method that calls COGSPIN? I assume SEND would need to be re-pointed inside the new COG because it wouldn't be inherited, due to the nature of SEND. I did a simple test last night and it was a no go. Can I pass variables to the method being called with COGSPIN?


  • The only time I ran into trouble was with my I2C object. That object uses inline PASM code so it has to be started in the same cog that uses it. In my case the project only needed I2C in the background Spin cog, and after moving the call to the I2C initialization there, everything works fine.

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