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Using the SD card for both Storage & Editing of TAQOZ Words & APPS — Parallax Forums

Using the SD card for both Storage & Editing of TAQOZ Words & APPS

bob_g4bby's post running commands from the SD card led me to considering using the SD card in an editor mode. The SD card is inserted in your pc. The SD1 screen image shows that if you double right click on an open SD, then select NEW and Text Document from the list of formats.

The SD2 screen image shows that if you select text, a box opens with a document name. 

Single left clicking on the name will allow you the enter a preferred name, using the 8.3 format, e.g., xxxxxxxx.TXT. Double left clicking of the name bar will open a blank notepad screen, where you can enter new words, etc. A predefined file shows an example, which could be edited if necessary. Execute the notepad SAVE to complete the process.

The SD3 screen image shows TAQOZ running on TERRA TERM. It was downloaded from flash memory.

A new word 'load' is defined to open & load the desired .TXT file. Insert the SD card and execute DIR to show a list of all files currently stored on the SD. For example, executing " TLCDF.TXT" load, almost instantly loads the file. One can accumulate a library of words and apps available for use without making them permanent in the TAQOZ dictionary.

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