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Spi and Displays

Just a thought here on SPI displays
Not sure how to put this elegantly but it seems to me that the display driver can be made to resemble a VGA monitor in its working principle. The VGA dot clock at about 25 mhz. is kind of like the serial clock and with the wrap around effect, it appears you can send the color bits row by row as you would send the pixels to a monitor.

The display I have is 320 x 480 so that would mean 153_600 pixels. With 16 bits per pixel that would mean a screen map of 307.2 KB. It appears to be more than what the Prop has on the die.

I don't suppose I can use a shorter color word as the old monochrome monitors did.

Just a thought at this point, but maybe someone has something constructive to add. I have been looking at Clauso's driver for his smaller LCD and will see if I can convert it to the size I have. I haven't got very far into it, just went over the low-level drivers, but it appears that he is moving the row and column address to draw a line.


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