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Again seeking SX chips — Parallax Forums

Again seeking SX chips

Tracy AllenTracy Allen Posts: 6,656
edited 2022-03-31 18:50 in General Discussion

Do you, anyone, happen to have a hidden horde of smt SX chips you could sell to me? Again I've run out, but still have demand for my Stache product, to support field programming the BASIC Stamp. I can use the SX20AC/SS or SX28AC/SS or the SX18AC/SO. (not SX48).


  • I have two Scenix SX28AC/SO (not /SS) and three Parallax SX20AC/SS that you're welcome to. If you want them, PM me your mailing address, and I'll get them off to you.


  • These guys

    have 309 of the SX28AC/SS in stock, but I bet they aren't cheap.


  • Thanks for the leads. Phil, I'll send you an email about the SX20AC/SS that you do have. The SX28AC/SO won't fit, no pcb for that, too big for the enclosure. Thanks too, Dave, for the ebay link, not bad at $7, but that is a through-hole part. An SX20AC/SS is listed on ebay link for €40.70 each (50 available) plus €35 shipping from Hong Kong. Aiiii. Not going to bite on that one!

    I've sent RFQs to and to (referred from Octopart). One vendor, SPW, quotes $933 for 50pcs link. Ouch. There is lots of stock shown on link, but is it real? One has to RFQ each vendor to play their game.

  • One has to RFQ each vendor to play their game.

    In some cases, multiple gray-market vendors are quoting the same stock. It's like multiple listings in real estate.


  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 23,514
    edited 2022-04-01 23:38


    I went ahead and mailed the three SX20 chips to your business address.


  • Thanks much Phil. I did find 10 more SX20 that I'd stashed away, ones that have bent pins. That's a PITA, but can be rectified. No responses from my RFQs. A direct phone call to a domestic vendor that claims to have 50 in stock, led to an evasive conversation, no maker or date code, and at least 4 weeks lead time anyway. Hmmm.

  • If you ever run out again Tracy, I found 4 sx20's at the bottom of a box of other various SX bits!
    Next time I travel to Rocklin I could bring them with me. Might be a good offering for an Expo table !

  • VonSzarvas, I've sent you a pm.

    I did receive a quote for 50 SC20ac/ss chips from WorldWay, HongKong. $51 each, US$2550 extended. Ouch! Out of the running, I think. Chips for the desperate. It happens.

  • Tracy AllenTracy Allen Posts: 6,656
    edited 2022-04-11 20:35

    An offer appeared on ebay for SX52DB/PQ for US$1.50 each. Or 220 of them for US$130. Too bad I can't use those, but there they are if someone needs them...

  • I just realized I have I have 3ea SX28AC dip, plus the one on the board, and the SX key

  • @VonSzarvas, Thanks for sending the chips on the long journey. My sister-in-law received them in Italy and carried them to the states in her luggage. I've been in Costa Rica for the past couple of weeks, but now am back and ready to incorporate those plus the ones from Phil and my own remaining stock into Stache programmers. Could be the last batch ever!

  • Awesome multi-nation collaboration !! So happy they found a productive home.

  • I have some SX28 chips but they are the DIP variety.

  • If you're still in need, I have 10 - SX28AC/SS chips you can have. Bought them around 2001 or 2002.

    Was rummaging through that dusty box on the shelf labeled micros looking for some SX28 dip versions and stumbled on the surface mount stuff. Ultimately, I did find my stash of dip versions. The most amazing thing is I copied the SXKey software to my Windows 10 system and was still able to program them..... I designed a 16 channel model airplane servo decoder with a SPI interface and haven't found a more recent chip that can handle 16 channels with 1024 resolution that can update as fast as the SX can.

  • Hi jetcat, Thanks, I'll take you up on that find from the dusty box. I do have an alternative layout/pcb/stencil that uses the SX28AC/SS. I'll send you a followup pm.

  • Great, I'm glad you can use them. I also found some SX20/SS as well. Throwing out boxes of PIC stuff this week. I know it's all about 20-25 years old and ancient history. Needed to free up space though.
    I'm new to this forum so hopefully a PM will come to my email address. Happy to mail it to you so they remain useful.

  • @jetcat,
    In order to see your PMs, bookmarks, notifications etc, go to the top of the forum screen and click on your avatar. The forum does not forward PMs to your personal email. Thanks. Sounds like you have a deep junk box to explore!

  • @jetcat said: ..... I designed a 16 channel model airplane servo decoder with a SPI interface and haven't found a more recent chip that can handle 16 channels with 1024 resolution that can update as fast as the SX can.

    Have you looked at the Propeller for that interface? With multiple cogs and the cog counter modules, it can handle some fast processing. Especially the Prop 2, but the Prop 1 is no slouch either with tricks. I know, the SX has (had) straight u[ horsepower, but parallel processing multiplies the options.

  • [deleted]

  • At the risk of resurrecting this not-that-old thread for my own nefarious purposes (especially as a new forums user & poster), do any of the folks who have commented here, especially those with surplus SX parts they're looking to disgorge (but not limited to just those folks!) have any SX Key programmers laying around they'd be willing to part with?

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