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P1 FLip & SIP WiFi hookup — Parallax Forums

P1 FLip & SIP WiFi hookup

Does anyone have a SIP WiFi and FLiP hooked up and working?

I did a hook up, the blue LED is flashing, FlexProp finds the port, but when I try to compile and load, it is not communicating, Comunication lost, Download failed.

A wiring example would be appreciated.



  • Something weird is going.

    With the FLiP WiFi hook up, that I have, I can do a Compile and Flash via the serial, with the WiFi unhooked. And to verify, I unhook the serial, hook the WiFi back, and then do a telnet session. It seems that the WiFi is talking to the FLiP module. So, I guess that the real problem is with FlexProp GUI, I think. I think that FlexProp GUI, using P1, and using a WiFi port, use to work with less problems.

    This new setup requires a lot of carefully selected steps to get the FLiP WiFi to work. I guess I should be happy that it woks at all.


  • The problem here is that the USB chip wants to control those pins and you are kind of butting in.


  • Does that mean that there is no software work around for this hardware setup. It seems that the Parallax WiFi module would need its own special adapter to make the workable solution for the FLiP module, at least with the existing available software, if the software could fix this.

    So far it is looking like the Parallax WiFi module is not a very good fit for the FLiP module.


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