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VSCode and Linux

Hello, all.

Been a while since I've been able to do some micro-controller/hobby stuff. :-)

I'm hoping that I can still do some P1 development but using my preferred environment which is Linux (Fedora 35) and VS Code.

I've searched around but haven't found a definitive answer. Then again, I could just be using the wrong terms.

Thanks for any suggestions!



    Looks like BST runs under Linux. I will give that a try unless someone has a better suggestion. :-)

    Not sure how I missed that!

  • BST is old and hasn't been maintained in over a decade.
    Try flexspin (on Linux you have to build it from source). I've worked on it, I can attest that it's good ;3

    To use it as a regular Spin compiler, the command line should be flexspin -1bc -O1 whatever.spin (without -1bc it compiles to LMM machine code, which is significantly faster but eats up memory really quick)

  • cbmeekscbmeeks Posts: 614
    edited 2022-03-21 21:47

    Ah cool! I will check that out.


    ** EDIT **

    Wait, to be clear, this works with Spin / PASM version 1, right?


  • @cbmeeks said:
    Wait, to be clear, this works with Spin / PASM version 1, right?


    Of course.


    Though it does let you use Spin2 on Propeller 1, if you really want that for some unfathomable reason. Though you do get some of the Spin2-isms in Spin1 mode, too.

  • Ah cool. Looks to be exactly what I was looking for.


  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 18,057

    bst still works fine, even tho it's not maintained.

  • Kinda - the GUI IDE aside, the BSTC compiler has a couple bugs in it. The only reason to still use it was its optimizations, but flexspin bytecode mode utterly destroys it in that regard

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