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Looking for help with a Parallax PIC 16CXX — Parallax Forums

Looking for help with a Parallax PIC 16CXX

Hi, I’m new to Parallax and well, all this cool stuff. I was just given like this new 1995 Parallax PIC Programmer my grandpaw left it to me, it has two unused really nice books. I think they are the design books; they are hard to understand, but I also got the hardware for the PIC 16Cxx (I think that’s what it is). I know there is a Propeller chip system and the Hydra game system, I may can get one later, It looks like the Hydra would be better for games, I saw some pictures of that Hydra Gaming Board (It looks really cool to). The Propeller chip just looks bigger than the plug for the PIC chip.
Can I use the PIC 16Cxx to make games with? I think that would be so cool to make my own game out of electronics. I think I only need one chip to use the programmer with. Thanks for the help getting started. Oh, the book sayes there is some software for the programmer, I don’t have a disk so I’m looking for that PIC programming software to. I've looked everywhere I can think of, but can't find it. Does anyone know where I can find it.


  • The PIC 16 maybe a stamp2 or a blank, if you have an old Hydra, that would be better for games. You can download a Basic stamp and P1 hydra editor from the Parallax website.

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