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composite video to OLED display

I have a costume project in that I need to get a composite video signal to a small screen inside a helmet. I have a security cam that outputs a composite signal. I need a screen no bigger than 2" diagonal and will be just over 1" from the eye. Can propeller 1 be used to convert the composite signal to display on the Oled? _ would like to use the Color OLED Display Module, 96 x 64
SKU 28087 inside the helmet.

thanks, ZefD


  • I would opt for a mini TFT display that accepts a composite signal, if you can find one in stock somewhere. Years ago, I experimented with using the Propeller to capture NTSC video. The quality was very poor, and the conversion was slow -- definitely not real time. So I would not judge this to be a doable app for the Propeller.

    Also, for what you're trying to accomplish, you'll need some lensing in front of the video screen to bring the screen into focus. At one inch away, by itself, it will just be a blur to the eye.

    Best option is probably a pair of heads-up display glasses with the lensing built in. This site may give you some ideas:


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