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Forum Editor Slowdowns

evanhevanh Posts: 12,915
edited 2022-03-05 10:04 in General Discussion

Apparently (Ada said) the script for syntax highlighting is the one that causes everyone such grief with the posting editor bogging down to a horrible crawl. I doubt anyone will miss it if that script is removed.


  • Let's try something...

    I've enabled the SPIN and SPIN2 highlighting that Ada shared last year; active on desktop view, and disabled on mobile view.

    It's pretty gnarly an override because of the async webpack loading that the forum uses for certain js files; there will be chunk load errors that can be ignored, but might impact some browsers/users.

    If this sticking plaster override improves load speed or customer experience then why not ! If I see complaints, I'll switch the feature off again until such time that an opportunity arises to fix at source.

  • evanhevanh Posts: 12,915
    edited 2022-03-05 14:50

    Can't the offending script just be removed? It's not like highlighting has any real use on a webpage. We're not writing code with the forum software. It's just bling.

    EDIT: Looking at some existing code snippets it's now acting as if the highlighting has been removed. Everything is now plain black text. Whatever an override is, it seems to have done the job. I'm happy.

  • Don't want you to think I'm being difficult on purpose, but I don't have access for that, so just worked with the tools I have to implement a workaround (what I called an override)!
    muhaha ... There's always another way :)

    Customer happiness is always the main thing for me, and this tweak will hopefully help improve the experience for now. Please let me know if you spot anything unintended!

  • evanhevanh Posts: 12,915

    Oh, I see. Thanks.

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