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Have added power headers to a QS and need comments — Parallax Forums

Have added power headers to a QS and need comments

Buck RogersBuck Rogers Posts: 2,159
edited 2023-05-03 15:03 in Propeller 1

Okay so I took the plunge and dug up a QS board the other day. Not the one I'm planning fitting the proto lid to. And after the usual shakedown I found that the headers work.

Next couple of steps will be difficult. For that it will be described elsewhere. For now it does concern a contraption from Adafruit that takes almost good photos, and their paired XTR and XCVR modules.


  • cavelambcavelamb Posts: 720
    edited 2023-05-02 23:26


  • @cavelamb said:

    What was the question? Remember how old the original posting was. And what it concerned, FYI: Adafruit was selling a camera board takes actually okay photos, it was the board with a camera sensor on it, that's normally found inside a fob that's attachable to a keychain, together with a small LiPo battery, and everything else it supplied the user could take simple photos and short videos that way.

    They also sell paired fob transmitters and receivers, I was originally going to use a pair of them and a solid state relay to trigger the combination and to do so. The board would be running a Spin program that would do that aspect. However by mid March that year I realized that it wouldn't work, and ended things there.

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