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Propeller C (SimpleIDE) functions/commands webpage — Parallax Forums

Propeller C (SimpleIDE) functions/commands webpage

GenetixGenetix Posts: 1,669

There used to be a webpage that listed all the Propeller C commands and functions, explained what they did, how they worked, what parameters they took, and what values they returned.

I remember the link to it in Learn was not in an obvious place.

I looked in the SimpleTools library on GitHub but I could not find Propeller.h

A program used CLKSET and the first number is some hex value which I am guessing chooses XTAL1 and PLL16 since the 2nd value is 5 Million for 5 MHz.

Also I have never used fdserial so I am not familiar with it's functions.

I am not familiar with compilers so is the nuts and bolts of Propeller C written in C or PASM and where on GitHub is that code located?


  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,268

    SimpleIDE is the front end for propgcc that compiles your program into pasm code for the P1.



    In addtion the functions used by it are contain in Simple Libraries

    When in simpleIDE under help Simple Library Reference show information on the Simple Libraries.


  • GenetixGenetix Posts: 1,669

    I see that fdserial is listed as one of the Propeller C Simple Protocols Tutorials but that was a Yahoo search.

    The help in SimpleIDE is great but I need to find that website link.

  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,268

    The source code for all the simple tools can be found in the learn folder.

    SimpleIDE\Learn\Simple Libraries\TextDevices\libfdserial

    fdserial uses some spin code under the covers to work.


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