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TACS (TAQOZ Analog Computer Simulator)

TACS was originally programed on the FPGA P1 with hub memory > 32 kb. This was posted in the User Project section of the forum. My objective was to develop a block continuous system simulator for the propeller. I have programed a P2 version, which is the subject of this post. This version takes advantage of the 512 kb hub memory, extending the range of models which can be simulated. The first image shows
the P2 setup with an edge module and 7-inch 4D Systems LCD.

Compared to other languages available on the P2, FORTH provides the ideal environment for developing special purpose simulation languages. For example, TAQOZ has 3 words which make this project successful: REVECTOR, */, and LMOVE. REVECTOR gives us the means to change the function of a predefined word. */ allows us to scale integers to achieve great accuracy in mathematical operations (no floating point needed). The attachment, vdpol.txt, shows an example of how a model is simulated in TACS. The following figure shows the results of this simulation.


LWORD is essential to TACS ability to solve delay differential equations in relatively short times. The attachment dde1.txt shows an example of a delayed differential equation. The following figure shows the result of this simulation.

I am currently working on a glossary of TACS words which I will post along with the TACS code when finished. I would like to emphasize that TACS runs very fast on the P2 and its ability to solve delayed differential equations is significant.



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