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"What is a microcontroller?" Chapter 4 Activity 1 Help — Parallax Forums

"What is a microcontroller?" Chapter 4 Activity 1 Help


I am currently working on the BS.2 board I am trying to follow along with the book however I cannot find a 3 step switch. So I skipped ahead and I cannot get my servo to move at all. I double-checked my code and my circuit they are both correct. Does anyone have an idea of how to adapt the lesson using the homework board??


  • Hi! Yes indeed, no power switch on the homework board. No servo headers either :)

    How have you got the servo connected?
    And what are you using as your power source?

    Maybe post a photo of your board with the servo connected and powered on. That should show the answer to help you more quickly.

  • lynnhh,

    I assume you are using version 3.0, so Pages 99 to 101 have the instructions you are looking for with the HomeWork board.

    Also be aware that servos draw a lot of power so your 9V battery may be weaker than you think.

    Since the HomeWork board doesn't have a power switch, you will have to plug in and then remove the 9V battery.
    That can get annoying, so I plug in the big lug of the 9V battery and then twist the battery until the little lug touches the other connector.

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