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ISRs in Spin2 or Flexprop? — Parallax Forums

ISRs in Spin2 or Flexprop?

So these questions are most likely for Chip and Eric.

Are there any plans to fully implement ISRs in Spin2? I know that an ISR can be setup using inline PASM2 and that the ISR would have to be PASM2. I don't know if this is on the roadmap or not.

Do any of the high level languages for Flexprop support ISRs?


  • ersmithersmith Posts: 5,193

    Flexprop's high level languages absolutely do not support ISRs, the generated code is not interrupt safe (e.g. it uses the CORDIC). If you need to use ISRs, I recommend putting them in a separate cog from the one running the HLL.

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