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Updated PropLoader with P2 support (including WiFi) — Parallax Forums

Updated PropLoader with P2 support (including WiFi)

ersmithersmith Posts: 5,193
edited 2022-01-05 14:30 in Propeller 2

I've updated PropLoader to support downloading to P2, both via WiFi (thanks to the work of @VonSzarvas ) and over serial. It also supports the Plan 9 file system code for reading host PC files from the propeller, both for P1 and for P2

The new code is in my git repository at:

No binaries yet, it's not quite tested enough for general release, but I expect to include those in the next FlexProp release.


  • dgatelydgately Posts: 1,494
    edited 2022-01-05 16:08

    Sounds like an option that will show up in flexprop soon?

    EDIT: duh, of course it should use the normal Rx/Tx...
    What is the expected base pin for the WiFi module, if this is used with a P2 Edge?
    Works great!


  • ersmithersmith Posts: 5,193

    @dgately said:
    Sounds like an option that will show up in flexprop soon?

    Probably... There are still some loadp2 features that are missing, like the various terminal options (e.g. to start up in Taqoz ) and the ability to load at different addresses. The latter one might not make it into proploader, unfortunately, so I'll have to find another solution for programming the flash.

    Works great!

    Glad you could get it to work, thanks for testing it!

  • Seems like a good time to rewrite PropLoaders file upload feature, both to support P2 and to make it not suck :)

    For reference, problems with the current implementation:
    - Slow / doesn't work at high baudrate
    - Doesn't support directories (and curiously, if you try uploading from anything but the current working directory, it will create a file with a slash in its name that you can never delete under Windows and is just generally glitchy)
    - Doesn't guarantee defragmented-ness of the file (my personal bugbear)

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