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AN004 Getting Started with VGA

My self-made demo board is working at last, and I was going to have a try at some programming, but it appears the propeller tool may not have included all files in its library. I was reading through "AN004 GUI & Graphics Series", which apparently makes use of:

  • Mouse_011.spin
  • Keyboarrd_011.spin
  • ****WMF_Terminal_Services_010.spin****
  • VGA_HiRes_Text_010.spin

Having the need to study the code of the WMF_Terminal_Services_010.spin I discovered that it is not in the library, or anywhere on-line.

I was really hoping to get this exact object, as mentioned in the AN004 so that it would be easy to follow.


  • PublisonPublison Posts: 12,341

    On my computer running Spin Tool 2.6.0, I find the files here:

    "C:\Users\engin\Documents\Propeller Tool\Examples\AppNotes\AN004-GUI-StartVGA-Code-v1.0"

  • PublisonPublison Posts: 12,341

    On my windows10 machine, open Spin Tool>File Open>Libraries>Documents>Propeller Tool>Examples>Appnotes


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