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Programming an old stamp from Linux — Parallax Forums

Programming an old stamp from Linux

Elfof4skyElfof4sky Posts: 2
edited 2022-01-01 17:24 in BASIC Stamp

I use to have a Windows computer and a Parallax Basic Stamp robot kit etc. Lost everything in a house fire, but salvaged the Stamp. Its been 12 years and I recently acquired a new computer and running Manjaro Linux.
My question is can I write code to this controller in Basic from my computer in any IDE, or do I need to use Parallax's fancy software? If the latter, how do I run the Pbasic software on my Manjaro Linux open source operating system? I just want to tinker because its been 12 years since I had a computer so everything is new and complicated, and I keep hitting seemingly unnecessary barriers to entry. Any guidance or assurance would be appreciated. Thanks


  • If you refer to the Basic STAMP software downloads page you will find an option to program your old stamp using a Chrome App. Install Chrome on your Linux system and you are half way there!

    ps. I have edited your thread title to keep things on topic.

  • Okay thanks. Google is not allowed on my computer, so I may have to shelve the project or plug it into my phone. Either way, It connects via VGA port so still a bit complicated.

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