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Welcome to the P1 - PASM and SPIN code category! — Parallax Forums

Welcome to the P1 - PASM and SPIN code category!

VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 3,278
edited 2021-12-09 18:52 in PASM/Spin (P1)

The category for all varieties of PASM and SPIN used with the Parallax Propeller 1.
Supported by the Parallax community.


  • I've written a fairly complicated Spin program that autotunes a 3000 watt linear RF power amplifier. I'd like the program to be able to write data to EEPROM. In the Basic Stamp BS2, this is easily done using the WRITE instruction, but I can't find a comparable instruction for the Prop1. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! -Jim (w8zr)

  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 23,514
    edited 2022-01-12 20:20

    Attached is the object I use to read/write to the upper bytes of the 512K-bit EEPROM furnished with most Propeller boards.


  • Qtech

    Serial Communication Baud rates 19200,9600,2400
    We are looking to set up a program in spin/pasm on a P1 to allow data to be passed from one cog to another where each cog is set to communicate serially to external devices all at different baud rates of 19200, 9600, 2400, and 2nd port of 2400. For both inputs and output in TTL which later will be connected to RS485/422 and RS232. Is there some where we can find some code to handle this requirement. If not in spin/pasm maybe C or basic? etc

  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 23,514
    edited 2022-04-07 02:53

    Look no further than the "Parallax Serial Terminal" or "FullDuplexSerial" objects in the Spin library.


  • Routines are available in C simpleIDE libraries

  • I am trying to use FullDuplexSerial object, but I continue to get the message Illegal Circular reference

    Any one know what that is supposed to mean? Thanks, John

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