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Forum proposals

AndyPropAndyProp Posts: 29
edited 2021-12-07 01:13 in General Discussion

I would like to share my source code as I write them to help other noobs but they would be language specific so can I suggest: To have a few language specific category's

Separated programming category's for:


  • well - we have a Forthspace now and Blockly has it's own category, Spin1/PASM1 belong to P1, Spin2/PASM2 belong to P2 so are already there.

    C should get a own one since we have a couple of C compilers and they share common header files, making code quite sharable between PropGcc(1), PropGcc (2) and FlexProp C.

    That leaves ECC (Eric's compiler collection) aka FlexProp. That one might need some own category, since it works for P1 and P2 and does Spin/Pasm/Basic and C.

    But then we would need subcategories for - say - BASIC on P1 and BASIC on P2 and soon it gets convoluted.

    Maybe the forum software could allow tagging posts and filtering in search for tags. So, you could search for PING tagged with P2 and C or something like that.


  • Bill likes spin2 but it is mixed on a P2 related category instead a software category, should be a dedicated category for Spin2 language for programming. Same goes for other languages. A P2 is a device and should be a hardware related category.

  • Hi,
    We can use the title of the thread, if the language is very important, like:
    "SPIN2: Some Number Crunching Experiments"

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