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help with some code

I'm 70 and trying to learn some things, i bought a basic starter when RadioShack was going out. I am just now realizing i can use it. anyhow.. i built a wine bottle labeler and want to run with the stamp. A stepper motor drives the rotation of the bottle...a dc gearmotor drives the labels..a microsw senses label..a pushbutton to start. I use the pushbutton to send a moment high to an input causing output15 to stay high-this turns on dc power (relay) to drive label toward bottle...then microsw triggers another input to drive stepper... half turn of bottle..stops..dc drive still driving to second label...microsw triggers same input to run stepper again to finish second label...problem is - can't seem to code it to shut off all after second half rotation (done)...just keeps labeling!! have to manually stop dc drive. Also do i need ttl buffers to run peripherals from the stamp...stepper drive requires a pull down of opto and 0DC5 solid state relay needs 3-8 volts, but stamp doen't like! Rich


  • if you could attach your code we could take a look at it. Else it is not easy to help.



  • richh,

    A diagram or a picture of your setup would be helpful.
    You can attach your code as a file and also as a code block.

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