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New User Propeller Project ...Advice needed — Parallax Forums

New User Propeller Project ...Advice needed

I would like to create an hourglass with a stepper motor attached to it where in on the hour the hourglass
would be flipped and the hour would be displayed on a 7 segment display mounted near it.
I would think this would be a simple project for my Prop WX board. I can 3d print the associated parts but need some direction as to how to engineer how the board the stepper motor and a clock module will sing in perfect harmony :) , any input appreciated, Thanks


  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,025

    Looks like you have a little time on your hands.

    Your going to ditch the wood frame then and build a flip piece that would be driving with a belt and pully since that hour glass is quite large in size.

    I don't think that hour glass is very accurate though so are you going to just flip it on the hour or do you need a sensor to tell you when all the sand is on the bottom of the glass.

    Your going to need a driver board such as an A4988 or other stepper motor driver to drive the motor.

    Your also going also need a 7 segment driver as well.


  • Thanks for the input , Yes I have the appropriate stepper motor line up , the glass is not as heavy as it looks. The hourglass is incredibly accurate but it does not have to down to the very last grain when the hour changes on the 7 segment display. There are some other elements which will complete this which I have not described which are purely decorative but will complete the picture sense wise

    That should be the first thing then the drivers for the clock and stepper motors...check

    Then how the heck it all is instructed coded , programmed, I will learn as I go

    Yes this is just something I do on my spare time, I take all the time in the world and it is not a product for sales or anything else just
    a creative curiosity

  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,025

    Well, your in the right place then.

    There is code and objects available for all those pieces and they should work well with the WX board.


  • MicksterMickster Posts: 1,923


    Let me guess....right now, you're thinking "huh? but where and how?"

    Yeah, I've been here for 10 years and I only found the Obex because I know it exists. Still took way too many keystrokes to find it:

  • Lightwheel58Lightwheel58 Posts: 3
    edited 2021-11-21 00:24

    Thanks Mickster that looks like a big help, this whole thing for me is like a scavenger hunt that I patiently pursue so any crumb I find is golden.

    I have been thinking this thing is turning into a kind of Memento Mori, there will be plastic skull and possibly a plastic Raven that will surround my digitally flipped hour glass. This will hopefully make the whole electronic adventure easier, ie no 7 segment display. A geared framework that flips the hourglass on the hour controlled by the MBED and the gearmotor and the DCV.

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