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How to install Tachyon Forth onto a Propeller P1 and P2 — Parallax Forums

How to install Tachyon Forth onto a Propeller P1 and P2

AndyPropAndyProp Posts: 20
edited 2021-10-29 03:28 in Propeller 1

Seen a few videos about Tachyon and are other posts about it too, it looks pretty interesting but how do you load it onto a prop 1

Would the same process also be applicable for a P2

While I am not new to MCU's/computing/Electronics but I am asking like a total noob to have a good understanding of the process for some applications I have in mind.


  • msrobotsmsrobots Posts: 3,485

    On a P2 you do not NEED to install anything, a basic FORTH is build into the ROM.

    But @"Peter Jakacki" the maker of TACHION (P1) and TAQOZ (P2) did not stop development so there is a more extended version available for the P2.

    The installation process is slightly different for P1 and P2. In both cases you need to download the files from Peters Dropbox or SF account.

    Then you download the correct basic binary to the EEPROM of the P1 or FLASH for the P2. On the P2 you also can simply put it on a SD card to get it loaded automagically.

    Since FORTH is not really a language (debatable) but more a Language Construction Set you then need to extend the basic 'kernel' you installed with more 'words' and backup them into your system to keep them. Then they are basically part of your new Language.

    This is usually done by using a serial terminal program and uploading files with word definitions into your running system for existing common extensions or by interactively writing words and testing them.

    if happy with the result you can save it back to EEPROM/FLASH/SD and its there after the next reboot.

    But conceptually there are no 'Programs' in FORTH, you start with a kernel, build your own set of routines (words) and save the whole shebang to be ready to use.



  • ErNaErNa Posts: 1,672

    Hi, welcome! We are happy for every poor soul that engages in Tachyon. As information is sparse we try to condense them in the ForthSpace. I hope to find time to be more active and also share information about my path to the forth. So you are welcome and I hope also to use 8th on my PC so the effort to rethink my live pays off twice 😊

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