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HAPPY HALLOWEEN (Propeller P2 style) — Parallax Forums

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (Propeller P2 style)

Here is a short Video showing animation of a 64x64 HUB75 RGB Panel (Parallax #26793) with a P2 Edge module (Rev. C) using a @"Stephen Moraco" (IronSheep) HUB75 adapter board (#64032) . Stephen's drivers/board work great and are fun to experiment with and the Propeller P2 certainly has the power to update the HUB75 Panel quickly. The Jack-O-Lantern images were created using Photoshop and stored as 24bit RGB bitmap files, which can be easily loaded using the HUB75 drivers.

The attached images below were taken from the video. Unfortunately the images/video don't do the HUB75 RGB Panel justice, the panel looks much better/brighter in person.

Everyone have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN...


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