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Lithium-Phosphate battery tech about to take off — Parallax Forums

Lithium-Phosphate battery tech about to take off

Just read a tid-bit about how this battery chemistry has previously been sidelined because of patents/licensing. And that is about to end. Quite the revelation for me.

It had always puzzled me as to why such a clearly superior chemistry wasn't being used anywhere. Especially anywhere where fire is a high risk. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was a excellent example with its onboard Lithium-Cobalt battery needing extensive fire protection added to improve the safety ... after the fact! It seemed such a dumb choice in the first place when LiPO, aka LFP, was there for the taking ... except now I know it wasn't for the taking at all. Legal stuff was in the way. I'm guessing about 20 years of it.

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