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Some interesting presentations about important Forth challenges (from Forth2020 ZOOM meeting). — Parallax Forums

Some interesting presentations about important Forth challenges (from Forth2020 ZOOM meeting).

MaciekMaciek Posts: 607
edited 2021-10-12 20:29 in Forth

These were interesting to me so I thought maybe could be of some use to others interested in current embedded Forth challenges.
I do not necessarily agree on some thesis but nonetheless valid points were brought up by experienced Forthers.


  • Thanks, Maciek, for pointing us to these videos!
    I now took time to see/hear them.
    I am a great and thankful fan of the Arduino libraries. I have been able to achieve projects using them, which would not have been possible otherwise for me.

    I see 2 things, which would be good for sharing code P2 Taqoz:

    1. Creation of Ans94 forth words for Taqoz, like "constant" or "variable"..... ( I was very unhappy, when I found out, that Peter used "improved" wordnames. )

    This has been done for FPC by U. Hoffmann. I think, this would be a helpful starting point, because with this, you already have the list of all the words with their stack diagrams.

    1. Much more difficult: Standardisation of words of a hardware abstraction layer. For example "digitalWrite(pin, value)" works with Arduino on very different hardware. In my opinion it's downside to slow down speed is way less hurting than it's advantage to enable libraries and reuse code. It is a pity, that the discussion is not part of the video. What did they do with the suggestion? Does anyone know a suggestion for such a set of words?
  • MaciekMaciek Posts: 607
    edited 2021-10-15 15:58

    Christof, I have always been quite at odds with the Arduino libraries but can understand why people use them to get results fairly quickly. But that's just me. I have friends who use the Arduino stuff exclusively and are happy with it.
    When it comes to these videos, they're just cut outs from the full zoom meeting recordings that are mostly not that interesting to me and hard to watch in full. Try this link to browse for more. Some good stuff can be extracted from these talks have to watch the videos and take from them what is of interest to you.

    The one ErNa has linked was really, really valuable to me and, to my huge surprise, Chuck's approach reflects mostly my own except...I have really done nothing and he's an accomplished man.

    Now back to the tough ones - I do understand the need for standards, when it comes to sharing things. These mostly work but...the standards get in a way when it comes to sharing ideas and I think sharing ideas and understanding them is far more valuable and important than sharing things that are products of these ideas (programs. libraries, vocabularies, hardware drivers etc.). I use standards all the time in my professional life but really, they all suck in one way or another.
    Another thing is, and that is my impression only, Peter values simplicity and usefulness and maximum exploitation of the underlying hardware far more than any standard and I share his view on the subject but, as all things in life, this can also change at any time when additional advantages for such a change are in favor of it.

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