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HydraCD mirror — Parallax Forums

HydraCD mirror

Apparently went away at some point and with it the download for ye' olde Hydra CD.

Luckily, I downloaded it some while ago and have just put it on github:

If @"Jeff Martin" or whomstever runs the Parallax Github org wants to move it there, I can make that happen.


  • Thanks! Great idea. There are folks selling used Hydra boards on eBay without the code.

    Does anyone know where to find actual schematics for one of those boards? I checked the manual .PDF and it never actually shows full schematics. There are hints all over the place in the document and I imagine reading the source code would fill in the gaps.

    What I'd find neat would be for someone to make a Hydra-similar board using the P2 instead. The performance and I/O lines would help it. That would require adapting any code samples to work with whatever adaptation. Things to consider would be things like using different I/O lines, the lack of a character set, different timings, etc.

  • The Hydra schematic would be a poor reference if one had it. Poor audio filtering, poor DACs, weirdo keyboard circuit, etc.

  • I have the Hydra kit and CD, pretty cool, the watered basic needs some more commands added. The book has the board schematic in sections. And I have the board to fill in the blanks.

  • I added commands to Hydra FemtoBasic IRB, needed a "CLS" clear screen. In the DAT added tok61 and in the Pri texec added 189: dsp.out($00). had bugs until I increased the program size. Seems to work OK, now I'm going to add Home, Peek, poke etc.

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