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Free 2022 CES Registration Open — Parallax Forums

Free 2022 CES Registration Open

Registration for the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show opened yesterday, it's free through October 13. Obviously it was virtual last year, so if nothing else good came from Covid, it's the free registration. Previously it was only free to those who attended the year prior, otherwise $100-300 depending on timing.

I suggest registering even if you aren't sure you're going. If you DO plan to go, make a hotel reservation NOW, as prices will triple before CES. It's a hopelessly large show spread over several locations. I gave up on trying to see everything... how many new phones and TVs can you stand? The last few years I have gone just for the day, no hotel. Leave Los Angeles ~4am, drive 5 hours to Vegas, show opens at 10am, see the robotics in the convention center and maybe the Sands hotel, then leave ~6pm to drive home by midnight. Easy-Peezy says this 60-year old.

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