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Status of TeamOz P2O module

The module discussed in the P2 Live forums is very intriguing to me. (e.g. June 9, 2021:

Any way to to see what the status of this module is or where I can look to stay up-to-date?


  • TubularTubular Posts: 4,406

    Hi LachAus,

    I've been working on the online shop for P2O and a bunch of other things. Its not ready yet but can send you a link when it is

    There has been another iteration of that board, we added a MicroMod edge 'plug' along one edge, so it can be used with Sparkfun's Micromod breakouts including their ATP and spark-x 'big display' hdmi breakout. We also added footprints for 4 x PSRAMs underneath in line with RogLoh's excellent video driver work

    There is going to be another iteration which is a very minor change to the pin order of the 60 pin connector

    Would the width change going from ~18 to 22mm affect your application?

  • Thanks for the update.

    I had seen you mention the MicroMod. Seems like a really good addition to me.

    I'm personally interested in trying P2 in some applications like production test equipment, DAQ and CI/CD type hardware test harnesses so a few mm isn't a big deal.

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