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How to change the Library folder location Prop tool 2.5.3 — Parallax Forums

How to change the Library folder location Prop tool 2.5.3

AndyPropAndyProp Posts: 29
edited 2021-09-12 02:41 in Propeller 1

I was in the process to modify one of JonnyMacs objects and saved it to my Library folder that is on my D drive in a folder called Parallax\Library

After the file not being found I realized that the prop code editor was loading from

C:\Users\User\Documents\Propeller Tool\Library

So I went searching for a setting and only found in the windows registry, updated it but still the prop tool searches for library files from C:

Any ideas how I can resolve this, I do not see an entry in the code editor for library path.

exists an .ini somewhere?

One other thing, is it possible to change the F10 and F11 keys to other keys?


  • Just found that there are a few entries in the registry tree that need to be changed if wanting to put the library files in another place.

  • Care to enlighten us? I can't find it and I have looked. Parallax, I love your products and have been using them since the very early days. This is not a criticism. It is a ROYAL pain that I cannot have my library folder as I choose. I have spent ENTIRELY too much time wrestling with the tool, and not enough time writing code.

    You really should fix that.

  • Or at least show us how. No matter what I do in the registry, the tool recreates a default library folder in \user\documents at launch.

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