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For when you do not need or have all that P2 or P1 strengths — Parallax Forums

For when you do not need or have all that P2 or P1 strengths

The P2 and P1, coupled with the TAQOZ and Tachyon respectively are great for most every task you throw at them.
Sometimes, however, they're just an overkill or you simply do not have that one Parallax chip you favor on hand.

Do not give up ! Use the Forth. Any forth.
They're available for the less capable, cheaper chips, and ones that you might have on hand too.

The ones that caught my attention are:
Mecrisp family of Forths - "A family of optimising native code Forth implementations for MSP430, ARM Cortex M, RISC-V RV32IM(C), MIPS M4K and FPGAs."

stm8ef - "for the full range of STM8 8-bit MCUs including the low-power families".

noForth - "an interactive stand-alone forth for RISC-V (32bits) and MSP430 (16bits)".

FastForth - "FastForth for all MSP430FRxxxx TI's devices, light, fast, efficient, reliable."

zeptoforth - "..a Cortex-M Forth, currently targeted at the STM32L476, STM32F407, and STM32F746 DISCOVERY boards.."

and there are more.

All of the above mentioned are nicely documented, many of them come with various examples.

I have some special admiration for the stm8ef project which I follow from the day one (and a nice stash of the lowly and then cheap stm8 chips and boards) but if you are a forther you may find some things of interest in any of them.

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